OH SH***T!!!! Thier all around us!Cant get me...not with my nice big gun...THE MARINE

Welcome to my marine page!

The good 'ole scared crapless marines, These poor guys have been thrown into a conflict between warring aliens but that doesn't mean that they aren't ready to start a war of their own! The colonial marines are the best earth has to offer and they are outfitted with the best amour, weapons and gear humanity has to offer.
Each marine undergoes rigorous training to get into the marine core but once fighting the creatures all this goes out the window! 
Only the best of the best will survive the conflict!
The marine is highly trained but is still only a human, Therefore he is weak compared with the other races. He is the slowest, easiest to kill and the most scared of all the species. He does however have the BIGGEST guns available! A big gun can attract quite a few trigger happy players!

The marine can be great fun to play as because instead of the creeping sniping action of the other two races a marine can charge around manically firing his gun everywhere screaming "come on!" in a funny accent. Also there's nothing funnier than watching a few rocket launcher men trying to kill an alien.

Weapons: This is where the marine simply KICKS ASS. He has loadsa weapons but has to find them first........

standard issue weapon, the pulse rifle is a rapid firing machine gun type weapon which is equipped with an underarm grenade launcher for large targets, The weapon is rapid firing and can be used while running away (very handy!) its small and easy to aim but cannot fire both the machine gun and grenades at the same time. As a truly last resort a desperate marine can use his pulse rifle to smack people over the head when all ammo (and hope) is gone!

Pulse rife blasting aliensPulse grenade..

Smart gun
A very good weapon! The smart gun is the lightest of the heavy weapons, It is auto targeting and fires off large amounts of bullets quickly! This weapon is best used firing at a target while the marine backs off laying down a continuous field of firepower.
Smartgun in auto track mode
Grenade Launcher
A very useful weapon the grenade launcher is slow firing but can launch different kinds of grenades, the grenades can be bounced off the walls to go around corners. 
Frag grenades- Fragmentation grenades, when these explode they shower the area with dangerous shrapnel, although a much smaller blast area a direct hit from a frag grenade will blow a predator to pieces.
Explosive grenades- Normal "blow up in your face" grenades, these have a good blast area and do lots of damage!
Prox grenades- Proximity mines, these don't explode when fired the go off when something approaches within a certain distance of them making them useful for laying traps or sealing off areas.

Grenade laucher with explosive grenades..

Not a hugely effective weapon, The flamethrower sets on fire anything it hits (including the wielder if he walks into the fire) then it burns the target for a period of time reducing their health. The flamer eats up the fuel very quickly and cannot be used on the run. It is not very powerful and is all but useless against predators. Use on the aliens.

Alien getting torched.

Nice looking rocket launcher! The sadar fires HUGE rockets which travel fast and are fairly accurate. The rockets are lethal and will blow anything they hit to pieces also the blast radius is huge! However this makes the sadar all but useless in small rooms, and difficult to shoot close targets, also ammunition is very limited and each rocket must be manually loaded..... 

SADAR rocket launcher

Most marines weapon of choice, The minigun is an eight barrel mincing machine! It is large unwieldy, difficult to aim and the recoil is so huge you cant move and fire at the same time, but none of this really matters because as soon as the trigger is pressed anything in the front arc of a minigun is sprayed with an obscene amount of bullets! Make no mistake the minigun ejects about 100 rounds per second and anything caught by it is minced horribly fast. 

Minigun having just juiced a bunch of aliens

Special abilities: Being a human the marine doesn't really have any special abilities, He does however have quite a few useful tools to help him out,

Motion tracker
A reliable device which reads movement on a small scanner pic, however this is often a way to get really scared and aliens move so fast your hear the blip and then you'll be dead........

Image intensifier
Very useful, image goggles that let the marine see in total darkness, however any light sources will be amplified many times making it hard to see past them.

Image intensifier

The marine carries infinite flares to light up those dark passages...quite handy when the image intensifiers not useful...

"You going down!"
Marines are best killed with:
Aliens:  Sneak up on them from behind.. hiss in their ear to REALLY scare them then eat their head!
 (then eat their body too...)
Predators: Skin them! drop down from above, Let out a cool growl and tear their scared head from their quivering bodies! 
(then get a cup of tea)

MULTIPLAYER VALUE: Each marine killed on multiplayer is worth 100 points!


THE alien
THE predator



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